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Frequently Asked Questions about Dallas Truck Rental

To help you understand the industry of Dallas Truck Rental, we decided to make a list of the frequently asked questions regarding truck rentals. In case some of your questions are not answered in this article, be sure to contact us, and we will be more than willing to answer your concerns.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement?

Most of the US-based business has a minimum age requirement especially when it comes to Dallas Truck Rental. Individuals who are 21-24 years old are commonly asked to present valid photo ID, driver's license, and a valid credit card. Remember that a debit card will not be honored. During the period of the rental, underage renters will also be charged with additional fee. They sometime refer to it as Underage Surcharge. Pick-up trucks are only available for 25 years old and above.

Do You Have a Cancellation Policy?

Yes. Cancellation for the Dallas Truck Rental should be made within 24 hours. You may go online to cancel your reservation. You only have to present your full name along with the reservation number. Assessment fee is normally charged by the company when cancelling the reservation. In case you want to know more about the overall cost will be a great online tool to calculate your entire expenses.

What is Your Fuel Policy?

The rate of the Dallas Truck Rentals will not include the fuel cost. You can either, return the vehicle in full tank but provide them with the receipt, pre-purchase your fuel or return the vehicle and let the company fill-up your fuel tank contingent upon the price stated on the agreement.

Do You Carry an Insurance Policy?

All vehicles that you will find in the Dallas Truck Rentals come with fundamental 3rd-party insurance. For those who want to completely eliminate the stress and worries, the company may present to you a waiver form that will relieve you of any financial responsibility should the vehicle acquired a damage or was stolen during the rental agreement.

For additional answers to your questions about Dallas Truck Rentals, be sure to contact us on our hotline. We have a staff waiting at the end of the line to accommodate you.

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