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Irving Truck Rental: Questions Regarding the Fleet

Those who are planning to rent a truck need the right amount of information about the vehicle to ensure that they are getting a quality and reliable vehicle. You also need to verify that you will be receiving the help that you need should your vehicle break down. It is also essential to confirm if the Irving Truck Rental will provide add-ons to make sure that your driving experience will be convenient. To have complete information about the vehicle, provides a comprehensive detail about the trucks for rent.

How Can I Guarantee That the Vehicle is in a Perfect Condition?

Upon their arrival, the management of the Irving Truck Rental company will subject the vehicle in comprehensive safety analysis before they will be made available for the next rental. This will guarantee all the customers that they are getting the highest quality of service through the excellent quality control and thorough inspection. The client should also receive a copy of the report and should agree to the condition of the truck prior to the rental.

What Happens in Case Your Vehicle Break Down?

Irving Truck Rental provides 24-hour roadside assistance by simply calling their customer care hotline. You should provide the customer care with essential information such as the registration number. In case the break down is caused by a human error, additional fee will be charged. Some of the human-error will include discharged battery, lack of fuel and being locked out of the vehicle.

Do You Provide Additional Accessories?

Irving Truck Rental normally provides additional accessories that will help you when you are moving such as lifters and trolleys. In case you are looking for additional supplies such as boxes, tape, rope and blankets, these materials can be purchased on your local department store. Various baby seats like baby capsules, booster seats are also available. Be sure to inform their customer representative about the extra accessories you might need when making reservation.

Additional information about the extra accessories of the Irving Truck Rental and the condition of the vehicle can be verified by contacting our local customer care or through our online portal.

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