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Tampa Truck Rental: Questions on the Qualification of the Renter

When you are planning to rent a truck from a Tampa Truck Rental company, you want to make sure that you will qualify on their basic requirements. The policies and the requirements exist to avoid hassles and possible issues that can arise. Here are some of the common questions that will allow you to understand that standard conditions and terms when renting.

Is there a Minimum Age Requirement?

The common age requirement of the Tampa Truck Rental company is around 21-24 years old. You should provide them with additional documents that will prove that you are of legal age. The driver's license that you should present should be issued by the state of Florida and should be valid during the whole rental period. If you have an International Driver License that is issued on a different language, you will need to provide your IDP and the driver's license together with the translation. Additional document may also be required such as Credit Card, Military ID, phone bill, and vehicle registration, Social Security, Passport and any ID issued by the state of Florida.

Do You Allow the Rented Truck to Be Used by the Other?

Yes! However, there may be an additional fee for the every driver that you may include on the agreement. The cost may start from $10 and can increase unpredictably. Furthermore, you should also provide at least 2 documents that will confirm their identifications. Adding members of the family should not include any additional charge.

Do You Accept Renters With Disabilities?

For anyone who will require assistance in driving, you should directly contact the hotline of the Tampa Truck Rental company. This will help you to find out the availability of the vehicle and will allow the staff of the rental company to adjust the vehicle depending on your requirement. In case you have a travelling companion, the company should not charge you with additional fee.

For anyone who wants to find out if they are a qualified renter, we recommend you to contact our customer care to help you with your concern. You may also visit for a complete list of Tampa Truck Rental Company together with their cost.

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